Easy ways to add colour to your home

Easy ways to add colour to your home

Are you fed up of staring at neutral walls every evening? Do you long for a bit of colour to brighten up your bedroom and liven up your living area?

Here at Econoloft, we’ve been thinking that as it is nearly time for summer, we should all have a bit more colour in our lives. So here are some easy ways to introduce colour to your home.


1. Colourful rugs
They add an extra layer of warmth to the room, and feel soft underneath your bare feet – what’s more, rugs are really easy to change if you decide to alter the colour scheme of your bedroom.

There are some fabulous ideas on thelittleroomofstyle.com blog for injecting a pop of colour into your home. We’d love one of these bright, cosy rugs in our bedroom.


2. Living room colour scheme
It’s likely that you go to your living room to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s probably also the room that you show your guests into first when you’re entertaining, so it needs to look warm and inviting.

Choose deep, rich colours such as purple for the walls to give the room a cosy feel. Mahogany furniture looks great with dark shades – take a look at this room from housetohome.co.uk for inspiration.


3. Step back in time with retro wallpaper
The quirky, groovy vibe of the 70s can work great in a kitchen diner and makes a fantastic talking point when you have guests round for dinner.

To enhance the character of the room further, invest in some traditional china teacups and a table runner like in this picture from housetohome.co.uk.


4. Bold and bright home office furniture
Your home office is a place of work but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Invest in some bold and bright furniture to inject colour into the room.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to bright colours is to choose one main colour and pick out different notes in the rest of the room. In this home office seen on channel4.com, the block yellow, green and red colours are accented in the rug and the cushion.


5. Nautical bathroom
Decorate your bathroom to feel like you’re at sea with a blue and white nautical theme. These shades will have a calming effect on the room, ideal for bath time.

How adorable is this tug bath tub, complete with mini paddle? The nautical theme in this bathroom from bhg.com has been developed throughout the décor, and the designer has even gone so far as to use rope to hold the shower curtain back. If only every bathroom was as cool as this.

Do you have an unused loft that you wish could be transformed into one of the colourful room styles above? Let Econoloft help – with over 40 years’ experience in the loft conversion industry, we’re something of an authority.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and check out our client testimonials – they’ll convince you why you should choose us to do the work.

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