Dressing your home for Christmas

Dressing Your Home For Christmas

Dressing your home for Christmas

One of the best parts of the festive season for many of us is dressing the home. Nothing beats a beautifully decorated Christmas tree taking pride of place in the lounge and in the dining room, many people really go to town when setting their Christmas dining table.

However, more people than ever firmly believe that the fun shouldn’t stop at the bottom of the stairs and are extending the festive fun to their bedrooms and even bathrooms. Here are some of our top tips for the season.


Wind fairy lights all the way up and down your bannister. Remember to finish the winding at the place where you will plug in the lights – if your plug is at the bottom of the stair start from the top and vice versa. However, be careful to ensure the wire is not a trip hazard. If there is no convenient plug socket then use battery operated lights – although you may need a few to get a good effect.

Guest bedroom:

Many Econoloft customers build a loft conversion to use as a guest bedroom. It’s much better than having to sleep on the sofa! Welcome your guests with a festive wreath on the bedroom door and hang baubles on extra long threads from the curtain rail. Pine and/or cinnamon scented potpourri will be warm and welcoming.

Master bedroom:

A master bedroom in the loft is often described as an adult retreat by Econoloft clients – but adults are big kids at heart and what better time to have some fun. Replace a usual picture or mirror with a decorative wreath or even a decoration such as a large silver star. If your bed has a headboard you could also drape a long, faux garland across it – some garlands come pre-lit or you can use battery operated fairy lights. On a bedside table or the corner of a dressing table, stage a little festive display such as baubles in a glass vase and on the floor (but not in the way) have a few beautifully wrapped presents.

Kids bedroom:

Children love having their own room which is a common reason for having an Econoloft conversion. This is the place to really go to town. You can buy small fake trees that you could allow your child to decorate with their favourite things or even make their own. You can’t have enough fairy lights in this room and you can drape them on the end of the bed, on the wardrobe, on shelving and around the window. Don’t forget to put a few stockings at the end of the bed too and on the window sill, piles of fake snow amidst Christmas ornaments and snow globes will complete the look.

It’s only Christmas once a year so why should the upstairs of your home miss out.