Decorate your loft with neutrals, without being boring!

Decorate your loft with neutrals, without being boring!

Lofts have the tendency to be fairly dark and dismal (unless you choose to have Velux windows and french doors) so when it comes to decorating, choosing a neutral palate is a good place to start. Neutrals are often thought of as boring but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

In today’s blog post, we’ll be focusing on how to decorate lofts with neutrals.

1. Add intrigue with Natural Textures

When you’re decorating with neutrals, there is temptation is to pick out plain furniture too. However, choose pieces made from natural materials such as raffia or woven rattan to add a different dynamic and give the eyes a focal point.

The woven rattan and leather chairs and textured frame in this room really help to stop it looking drab and plain. The light shade creates further texture, breaking up the plain walls, but keeping to the neutral colour scheme.

2.Think outside the Box

Many people think that a neutral colour scheme is usually white, cream or beige, yet this isn’t the case at all. Mix things up with greyish blue tines, brown tones and purple-based greys.

This neutral breakfast room idea from is the perfect proof that neutral doesn’t have to be boring. The aubergine vase and purple-brown chair cushions contrast wonderfully with the green ivy and golden brown chairs. The multi-toned carpet helps to bring everything together and make the room look complete.

3. Create a Calming effect with Cool Tones

Following on from the above point, try a steely blue and off-green shade to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to any room.

This bedroom from shows how you can add a touch of serenity to your room with a neutral colour scheme. Silk pillows and embroidered bed linen make the room look elegant, whilst the dark-framed furniture accents the room yet the colour scheme is still neutral.

4. Strong colours for Furniture

Bold and brightly coloured walls will make a small loft seem even more compact, so that’s why people tend to use pale neutrals help to give a light and airy feel to any loft. That’s not to say you can’t have any bold colours though. proves you can complement a neutral shade by choosing a darker tone for furniture and accessories. This multi-toned bedspread adds a pop of colour intensity to the pale pink walls. Although the curtains are a dark grey, they’re framed with pink to bring everything together.

5. Accent Neutrals with Patterns

Enrich a subdued colour palette with patterned wallpaper which doesn’t overpower the room, but adds an interesting dimension to an otherwise simple room.

The contemporary desk and contrasting black furniture in this office design from help to give this room a contemporary feel, while the patterned wallpaper makes the space more exciting.


We think any of these designs would look great in your converted loft but if you’re still stuck for inspiration, have a look at some of our previous work for more ideas.

Which one of these is your favourite neutral look?