Creating the perfect ambiance for your Valentine


Creating the perfect ambiance for your Valentine

Love is definitely in the air this month and so we’ve asked some of our Econoloft loft conversion customers what they think makes the perfect romantic bedroom.

Caroline from Surrey says it’s all about the bedding. “Nothing says romantic better than a beautifully made up bed,” she said. “I love my bed to be colour co-ordinated with the rest of the room and big fluffy pillows and cushions are a must. And most importantly of all, when I get into the bed, I love the feel of clean and freshly laundered sheets.”

Sarah from West Wickham told us that it was all about the lighting. “I hate bright lights when it comes to romance,” she said. “The problem is that you do need plenty of light in the bedroom for putting on your make up and finding your clothes in the wardrobe. When Econoloft built our master-bedroom we opted for dimmer switches so that the lighting is controlled to suit our mood.”

Meanwhile Paul from Muswell Hill admits that nothing turn him off romance than a messy bedroom. “My partner teases me for being obsessive when it comes to keeping things tidy,” he said. “However, romance is not on the agenda for me until the room is clutter free. Thankfully, our Econoloft loft conversion features lots of fitted cupboards and wardrobes and so it’s easy to keep the clutter to a minimum.”

Becke Livesey from Econoloft said. ‘Parents are always telling us that they love having their own retreat at the top of the house and that little bit of privacy is important not just at Valentine’s Day but all year around. Whether that’s just getting to have a soak in the ensuite bath in peace or having a space that isn’t full of kids’ toys, it’s not surprise that a master bedroom remains one of the most popular loft conversions.”

Other things that are important to our customers include finding the perfect sound track – top of the love list is Ed Sheeran’s Perfect followed by Love Story by Taylor Swift and There’s Nothing Holdin’ me Back by Shawn Mendes.

As well as sight and sound, we should also remember the importance of smell – so make sure you are wearing your partners favourite perfume or after shave and that’s all the senses pretty much covered.

So, the sheets are freshly washed, the bed is perfectly made up, day to day detritus is out of sight. The candles are flickering, the music is on and the only thing that’s missing is a nice bottle of fizz. Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers everywhere.