Conservatories, mixing the old with the new

Conservatories, mixing the old with the new

We’re supposed to be having a heat wave in the UK next week – that may sound unlikely to those used to the Great British weather but all things considered, it is now the height of summer. It doesn’t matter if the temperatures outside are not sizzling if you have a conservatory to sit in – the slightest bit of sun will soon warm your conservatory up so you can really make the most of the weather.

The question is, how should you decorate a conservatory? Do you opt for a modern, contemporary design or stick to a traditional look? Let’s explore some conservatory interiors, both old and new.


Traditional Designs
It’s only natural that when it comes to decorating your conservatory, you’ll want to match the interior to the rest of your home. After all, a conservatory is simply an extension of your home. So if your house is decorated in a traditional country palette, you may also wish to emulate this cosy feel in your conservatory.
Low lighting in yellow tones will add warmth and a cosy feel to your conservatory. This design seen on incorporates both wall lights and table lamps which bask the conservatory in a soft glow, making it suitable for use all year-round so you’ll get your money’s worth.
If you’re looking for a way to ensure that you get good use out of your conservatory, take inspiration from which advises to use your conservatory as a living room. Plush sofas and plenty of cushions make the room look cosy and inviting while a thick rug will add a layer of warmth during the colder months. Keep the colour scheme neutral as you can add colour easily with decorative window plants and of course the garden can be a colourful backdrop.


Contemporary Designs
Of course, many homeowners nowadays prefer to keep their home’s interior cosy but with a contemporary feel. If this is you, here are some ideas for how to decorate your conservatory to make it look bang on trend.
We’re seriously jealous of this modern kitchen conservatory from Installing an island kitchen will give the chef the benefit of the great view of the garden while the suspended hooks are a simple yet effective way to store pots and pans. This is definitely a design for a keen gardener who loves to survey their handiwork.


Are you in need of a bit of extra space for your youngsters to run around in? recommends turning your conservatory into the family room. Bright primary colours make this conservatory child-friendly while minimal bulky furniture gives the kids plenty of space to play. The floral patterned feature wall gives the room a cosy, homely feel.

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