Blinded by the light! Choosing blinds for loft windows

Blinded by the light! Choosing blinds for loft windows

Are you thinking about converting your unused loft space? Before you start to get excited about furniture and colour schemes, it’s important to think about what the room is going to be used for.

One of the simplest ways to block out any unwanted light is to invest in some blinds.

Read on for our top tips about choosing blinds for loft windows.

If you want your blinds to stand out as a loft feature:


Add a splash of colour
Blinds are available in many different designs and colours so you can choose eye-popping shades to stand out or neutral hues to blend in to the room. Vertical blinds are useful as they give you more light control.


Space-saving solutions
Simple roller blinds or Roman blinds can fit into angles and small spaces where it’s impractical to hang curtain poles, such as loft skylight windows.


Change scale with stripes
Fashionistas will know that horizontal stripes add width. Make a narrow window appear wider and shorter by fitting horizontally striped blinds.

If you’re converting your loft into a bedroom, it may be worthwhile investing in blackout blinds. The light will be very strong and will wake you up especially early in the morning during the summer months, but blackout blinds work to stop light getting in around the edges, ensuring that your sleep is not disturbed too early.
Traditional roller blinds will help to prevent light reflecting on computer and television screens, so if you’re thinking about turning your loft into a home office or cinema room, this could be the ideal option.

Alternatively, venetian blinds add another dimension of versatility in that you can tilt them as well as open and close them.
We love this vintage map printed blind from We’d happily fall asleep dreaming about which far-flung destinations we’d love to visit.


These rainbow coloured blinds seen on would make the perfect colourful addition to a children’s bedroom or playroom.


If you’re unsure about how best to utilise your loft, check out some of our previous work for design inspiration.

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If you’ve got any further tips for choosing blinds, share them below in our comments box.