Around the world with dining rooms

Around the world with dining rooms

At Econoloft, we love to share our advice for interior decoration and today we’re looking at dining rooms.

Whether you want a place to entertain friends with lavish dinner parties, or simple a relaxed area for family mealtimes, you can have it all with a dining room. Spend some quality time with your loved ones, eating wholesome food, rather than sitting in front of the television with a ready meal.

We’ve chosen four of our favourite dining rooms designs, with inspiration from around the globe.


1. Oriental deluxe

If you love to cook sizzling Asian food, then you’ll appreciate a beautiful setting to complement the meal.
We love the bright foliage patterned upholstery of the chairs in this dining room from which offset the sleek black oriental table perfectly. The table lamp has been customised with matching swatches of fabric and the bright yellow oriental branches help to complete the theme.


2. A taste of the Mediterranean

If steaming bowls of pasta and dipping breads are more your thing, why not decorate your dining area in a Tuscan theme?
features this rustic Italian style dining area. Simple living is at the heart of this theme with chunky wooden furniture pieces, complemented by the ornate hanging chandelier.


3. Ooh la la, Parisian style

Refined and elegant come together with hearty food to create a stylish yet comfortable French dining room.
White painted furniture gives the room a very clean, chic feel which is augmented by the polished wooden flooring. Invest in a shabby chic room sign for the perfect look du jour. We love the cute hanging lanterns.


4. Quintessentially British

What could be better than an afternoon tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones?
Mix the old with the new and combine an antique metal table with wirework chairs for a contemporary look. A pretty patterned tablecloth and comfy cushions instil a sense of comfort. Don’t forget to stick out your pinky finger when you’re pouring the tea!


Create a room you adore and you’ll soon forget all about what’s on television, in favour of dining in style.

If you don’t have the space in your house for a dining room, why not convert your unused loft? It’d make a fantastic space for entertaining friends, not to mention a great talking point for your guests.

At Econoloft, we tailor each design to your specifications – take a look at some of our previous work and see what our clients have to say about us.

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