Around the world in 80 lofts!

Around the world in 80 lofts!

Oh okay, so maybe we won’t show you 80 different lofts. We are however interested in taking a peek at what our foreign counterparts love in a loft. The following lofts from around the world will give you plenty of design inspiration for decorating your own converted loft – don’t say we’re not good to you.

Loft bathroom – France
This country French loft bathroom seen on is everything you’d expect – the designer has retained the natural wooden beams for a rustic effect, while the furnishings are simple and practical. It’s reminiscent of a gite in the middle of the French countryside – c’est magnifique.



Loft apartment – New York City
Apartments don’t come cheap in the Big Apple, and this stunning New York City apartment, found on will set you back a cool $24,500,000. We love how swanky all of the furnishings are – it definitely has a touch of minimalist chic to it. And what a view – the floor to ceiling windows let you feel like you’re right in the heart of the city.



Luxury loft with mountain views – Switzerland
If you’re planning to visit Switzerland any time soon, offers truly stunning apartments. This one boasts breath-taking views of the mountainside, while the interior is made to feel cosy and warm thanks to the fire, soft lighting and warm coloured wooden furniture. We could quite easily feel at home here.


Reversible Destiny lofts – Japan
We’ve come to expect weird and wonderful things from the Japanese but nothing could have prepared us for this – these reversible destiny lofts, found on, are the project of late architect Arakawa and his wife, and were designed with the sole purpose of trying to reverse the effects of aging with the use of bright colours, undulating floor surfaces and ladders instead of stairs. We’re still undecided as to whether we could live in one but you have to admit, they’re unique and quirky.


Which design is your favourite?


If you’re in need of further inspiration a little closer to home, take a look at our gallery. Our impressive client testimonials prove why we’re the best company to convert your loft.

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