Professional Loft Conversions in North Finchley

loft conversions in north finchley

Loft Conversions in North Finchley

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional way to expand your house, get in touch with Econoloft, and let’s transform your loft into a beautiful, functional room. Our loft conversion services in North Finchley expand your home without too much disruption as most building access is through the roof.  You’ll have a new bedroom, personal gym, home library or entertainment room. But more than just aesthetics and functionality, converting unused living spaces will also increase the value of your property.

Econoloft will give you the loft you deserve. Get in touch with us today, so we can discuss the features you want to see in your new loft.

Your Smart Home Improvement Solution

When homeowners in North Finchley outgrow their houses, the first solution might be to find a bigger home and relocate. However, there is a faster and more cost-effective solution: a loft conversion.

A loft conversion transforms old, unused spaces into functional rooms. With over 40 years of experience, Econoloft can confidently build a loft that maximises every inch of space in your loft. Whether you want a Dormer, Mansard or Velux loft, you’ll expand your living space and have more room for rest, leisure or entertainment.

Your new space will reflect your personal preferences. On top of following building codes and safety standards in North Finchley, our team takes your tastes into account. We also follow your budget without compromising craftsmanship.

A Smooth Construction Process

Our construction process is smooth, convenient and straightforward, delivering excellent results to homeowners across North Finchley.

  1. Once we receive a call from you, we schedule a visit. Our team will inspect your property, take note of specifications and discuss your preferences.
  2. We’ll draft an initial order form, which contains details about the construction.
  3. You’ll be assigned a foreman who will oversee the construction. During the construction, we coordinate closely with you to make sure everything goes as planned.
  4. Once the loft is built, our foreman will inspect the property and make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

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loft conversions north finchley

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