Do More at Home with a Loft Conversion in Tunbridge Wells

Loft Conversions in Tunbridge Wells

Loft Conversions in Tunbridge Wells

Lofts Conversions Tunbridge Wells

When you extend your living space, your family has more room to do the things they love. Let Econoloft build a stunning loft that could be: a home entertainment system for fun movie nights; a new bedroom for your kids, where they can tumble around to their heart’s content without disturbing anybody; or a home office, where you’re tucked away from the commotion downstairs.

With over 40 years of experience constructing lofts, Econoloft creates a living space that meets your needs. As a family-owned company, we value customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We also boast a stellar track record in Tunbridge Wells, leaving countless families with more space to grow.

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Our Construction Services

Econoloft builds various types of lofts, depending on our clients’ goals and the type of property they have. We specialise in, but are not limited to:

Dormer Lofts
This is ideal for families who want to increase their attic headroom. The dormer loft conversion adds vertical walls that protrude from the slope of the existing slope.

Mansard Loft
This provides the biggest headroom among the three types because it increases the slope of the entire roof up 90°. It requires additional work but the results are outstanding.

Velux LoftTM
This is the simplest conversion, that makes the most of natural light and turns your attic into a usable room.

The Econoloft Brand of Service

When you work with Econoloft, rest assured that:

  • Our team will handle the paperwork, such as any required building permits
  • If necessary, we’ll be the ones to coordinate with local authorities
  • The aesthetics of the loft will blend in with the rest of your home and maximise the space in your attic

Easy Progress

Working with Econoloft is a breeze. Although we create different types of lofts, we provide consistently good services.

  1. Planning – We’ll discuss your requirements over the phone and arrange a site visit. Then, we’ll draft an initial order form which details the project specifics.
  2. Construction – You’ll have a dedicated foreman who’ll ensure the building project goes smoothly.
  3. Completion – Once the construction is done, the foreman will inspect the work thoroughly to ensure impeccable workmanship. He or she sees to it that you’re satisfied with your new loft.

With a new loft, you have more space for work, leisure or rest. You can simply do more. Get in touch today.

Loft Conversions Tunbridge Wells

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