Transform Your Attic to a Lovely Loft in Maidstone

Loft Conversions in Maidstone

Loft Conversions in Maidstone

Lofts Conversions Maidstone

There are few things more satisfying than looking at before-and-after renovation photos of your home. Econoloft converts your dull, unused attic into a gorgeous, beautiful living space where your family can work or play. Employing the latest techniques in construction, we increase the usable space in your home, transforming not only your house but also the way you live.

Take advantage of our over 40 years in the loft-building industry. Get in touch with Econoloft, Maidstone’s loft conversions authority.

Our Loft Conversion Projects

Econoloft focuses on customer satisfaction and quality, whatever type of project we’re completing. We build the following:

Velux LoftTM
Our team will add roof lights on your roof so your family can enjoy healthy, natural light. We recommend this for attics with generous headroom space.

Dormer Loft
If you find your attic area too constricting, we recommend a dormer loft conversion, which adds vertical walls that extend away from your existing roof. This increases the amount of headroom.

Mansard Loft
This completely transforms your attic by adjusting the slope of your roof to between 72° and 90°. It adds the most headroom among the three.

For a 180° Transformation

Whatever type of loft you envision for your home, expect that we’ll execute the project smoothly. We pledge that:

  • We’ll recommend the type of loft that best suits your property and needs
  • Your loft will maximise the attic space and can be converted for various purposes
  • We’ll take care of the necessary paperwork and work with local authorities on your behalf

Your attic will be replaced by a gorgeous loft that gives you room to work, play or grow.

Collaborate with Econoloft

When you work with Econoloft, you can rest assured that the construction work on your home will be done right.

When you call our team, we’ll discuss your goals and schedule a site visit to plan the construction. You’ll receive an initial order form that contains the project details.

We’ll assign a foreman, who’ll supervise the construction. Our team will minimise the disruption to your daily routine and finish the work within the discussed timeframe.

Once the building is completed, the foreman will inspect the work thoroughly to ensure that you’re satisfied with the results.

Convert your attic into a loft, and elevate your standard of living. Contact us today.

Loft Conversions Maidstone

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