Comprehensive Loft Conversion Services in Hillingdon

loft conversions in hillingdon

Loft Conversions in Hillingdon

If you need more space in your home in Hillingdon but don’t want to build a new room, a loft conversion is a practical choice. You may not realise it just yet, but your loft is a potential area to create extended living space in your home.

It doesn’t take much to transform your loft into a liveable space. You can turn your loft conversion  into any room, such as a:

  • Bedroom
  • Home office
  • Library
  • Art studio
  • And more

Econoloft’s One-Stop-Shop Loft Conversions

Your remodelled loft can be a cosy, useful living space, all year round! Econoloft handles all the details of your loft conversion project, from planning and designing to construction and aftercare. Our team has vast experience remodelling all types of loft spaces and will make sure they cover every detail of your project.

Our Simple Process

We guide you through our loft conversion process from start to finish.

Booking a Visit

When you call us, our sales team will take down information about your property and your vision for the loft conversion. We’ll provide a quote estimate and schedule a site visit.

Planning and Design

Our team will inspect the property, take measurements and assess the feasibility of the loft conversion. We’ll come up with a design, subject to your approval.


Your loft conversion is assigned to a dedicated foreman who will be your contact person throughout the project. They are responsible for making sure the construction runs smoothly and seamlessly.


Once the loft conversion is complete, the foreman will inspect the area to make sure the work is properly finished and meets the expectations of both parties.

Talk to Us for Your Loft Conversion

Transforming your loft into an extended living space will add space and value to your home, and as a major build it’s important you have  a skilled team for the project. Talk to Econoloft; we are experienced loft conversion specialists that have worked with many customers throughout Hillingdon, helping them to transform their lofts into beautiful, liveable spaces.

We look forward to helping you turn your vision into reality. Get in touch with us to book a consultation.

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