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loft conversions in chiswick

Loft Conversions in Chiswick

Lofts are often untapped potential just waiting to be realised. Often just used for storage, with uninterrupted sunlight streaming through the windows and excellent views, these spaces can be so much more. They can serve multiple functions such as a bedroom, study or entertainment room.

Econoloft provides high-quality loft conversions for clients in Chiswick and other parts of Essex, London and the UK. We see your concept through to completion, from the design and building up to decoration.

Econoloft’s Loft Conversion Process

We at Econoloft keep our loft conversion process simple:

House Visit and Site Assessment

We offer a free consultation, where our professional and dedicated customer service team will give you advice on costs, feasibility and planning issues. We will then schedule a house visit at your most convenient date and time so we can examine the feasibility of the loft conversion and take accurate drawings.

Planning and Design

We convert the measurements from our site visit into drawings specifying the requirements of your loft conversion. Our team of architects use the latest technology to ensure the accuracy of the design.

We then submit the designs to you for any preference changes. This can be repeated as many times as you wish to make sure the final design is exactly how you envision your new living space.


Once you approve the design, we take care of the necessary paperwork and carry out the construction. A foreman serves as the manager of the project, overseeing the process to make sure the loft conversion complies with regulations and meets the specifications agreed upon.

After Care

Once we’ve completed the loft conversion, our foreman will conduct an inspection of the project to ensure that the builders have finished the work as planned. We leave the final approval to you, as your satisfaction is our priority.

Work with Us

You can count on us to design and build the loft of your dreams. Browse our gallery to see our finished projects. Complete the form here or call us on 0208 777 1719 to get a free quote and consultation.

loft conversions chiswick

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