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loft conversions in chingford

Loft Conversions in Chingford

Why should you consider a loft conversion in Chingford?

First, it’s a great way to make the most out of all that unloved and under-utilised loft space. Add more rooms by converting unused spaces.

Second, our loft conversion experts work with you to provide the room that suits your family and your property type. The new loft conversion can be configured into numerous spaces from a master bedroom with ensuite to a playroom for the children.

Third, a loft conversion in Chingford can add up to 25 per cent to the overall value of your home.

Here at Econoloft, we want you to benefit from all these.  View our loft conversion gallery online and see how we can transform your humble abode.

Our team converts lofts of different dimensions. We carry out conversions using specific guidelines, based on the particular requirements of our clients.

What Happens During Conversions?

Most loft conversions are straight forward but it is important to use an experienced builder like Econoloft. Structural stability is of course crucial which is why it is so important to use a loft conversion expert. Econoloft look at how the new rooms are supported and consider any stress on the existing building and make the necessary building recommendations.

All work is checked and signed off to Building Regulation Standards.

Building Regulations cover numerous elements of your loft conversion, including ensuring there is adequate sound and thermal insulation as well as adequate light and ventilation.

Econoloft is a member of various professional construction bodies and our build is guaranteed and so you know you are in safe hands and Econoloft offers a one stop shop for all your loft conversion needs.

Why Hire Us?

Econoloft has four decades of experience, as well as a broad network of connections in the construction industry. Our experience and knowledge ensure the quality of our projects. We also deal with local building inspectors at every stage of the project.

Say hello to a new look for your home when you work with us. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

loft conversions chingford

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