A nursery fit for a prince

A nursery fit for a prince

We’ve got royal baby fever here at Econoloft and the arrival of Baby Cambridge on Monday afternoon, as yet unnamed, got us thinking. While Kate and William are not short of rooms, the couples who gave birth to the other 2000 babies on the same day as HRH was born may not be so lucky.

Having a baby can take up a lot of space in your home, so if you’re one of the many couples or young families who struggle to find room to house everyone comfortably, then this post is for you.

Consider converting your old loft into a nursery fit for a prince (or princess of course). After all, why shouldn’t your baby be treated like royalty, at least in your own home? Here’s what you will need to recreate a regal bedroom.


1. Choose a regal colour scheme
Bring your baby up proud to be British with a blue, white and red colour scheme. Rule Britannia!

Keep your baby’s room as bright as possible by painting the walls white and using blue and red to add a pop of colour. We love the bunting across the top of this bunk bed, seen on projectnursery.com – every baby’s birth should be a celebration.


2. Rocking chair
Babies require calm and tranquillity. If your little prince is struggling to sleep, a gentle cuddle in a rocking chair will do the trick.

Housetohome.co.uk recommends investing in a wide-width rocking chair design to offer you extra support during those long sleepless nights. A cushion will add extra comfort for you and a cuddly toy will soothe your little one.


3. The royal cot
You’ll need a cot like no other for your bundle of joy, so why not hang a tented net over the top of your baby’s bed.

Make your baby feel extra special by dressing up the bed, like in this photo from channel4.com. As your baby grows, they will love to use their bed as a special hideaway den. Investing in items that will stand the test of time is a great idea to help you save pennies.


4. Pink for a girl…
There were rumours that the Trafalgar Square fountains would light up pink if the royal baby was a girl and blue for a boy. Make your daughter feel like a princess in a pretty pink coloured room.

All over pink may seem like too much so fade it in gradually with soft pastel pink hues. This girl’s nursery on parenting.com mixes baby pink shades with muted caramel brown to bathe the room in a soft glow.


5. Add some toys
We’re sure that the new prince will not be short of toys to play with. While your baby is young, you can provide entertainment for him by hanging a colourful mobile above his cot.

We found this multi coloured mobile on hgtv.com and fell in love at first sight. You can also buy mobiles that play a soothing melody to help send your little one off to sleep as soon as you put them down. Experiment with different styles to see what works best for your royal highness.

Let Econoloft transform your loft into a nursery fit for a royal baby. Check out our gallery for further room design inspiration and take a look at the praise we’ve received from our happy customers in our client testimonials.

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