3 ways to improve the outside of your home

3 ways to improve the outside of your home

Regular followers of our blog will know that this month is home improvement month here at Econoloft. Whilst we usually place the focus on the interior of a property, we feel that it is necessary to take good care of the outside of your home too.

After all, first impressions count and if the exterior of your home looks tired and worn, people are likely to assume that the inside of your home is the same.

So here are three ways to improve your home’s exterior.


1. Paint your front door
First things first, give your existing front door a good clean and then paint away. You could choose a bright colour to get you in the mood for upcoming summer or stick to a traditional white.

We stumbled across this great blog which gives you tips for painting your front door. The author recommends considering colours that also complement the existing exterior house colours and brickwork. This bright yellow door adds a sunshine feel and really stands out against the vivid green and red shrubbery.


2. Plant a window box
A window box will add instant impact to the exterior of your house and will brighten it up immensely.

We think that this window box would cheer us up if we saw it from across the road – bbc.co.uk gardening guide recommends sourcing some plants that will last all year round to create a permanent display. Garden centres usually have a good choice in stock.


3. Clean the windows
There’s no use having a pretty painted front door and gorgeous window box display if your windows themselves are dirty and the frames are crumbling.

And of course, clean and smudge free windows allow you to look out at the beautiful view. The Telegraph ran an article about kerb appeal – make your home look great from the outside by cleaning your windows and replacing rotten window frames with new ones. You could always paint the wooden frames too if you want your house to stand out next to your neighbour’s.

So there you have it – three simple ways to instantly improve the exterior of your home.

You also need to pay attention to the inside of your home. At Econoloft we’ve got over 40 years in the loft conversion industry.

Check out examples of previous work we’ve done for our clients to see how we could transform your loft.

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