3 of the most beautiful bathroom designs

3 of the most beautiful bathroom designs

At Econoloft we love to help you transform your house into the home of your dreams. Today, we’re looking at five of the most beautiful bathroom designs.

1. Regal

This stunning gilded mirror in this bathroom design from roomenvy.co.uk really helps to give the room a regal finish. Combined with an elegant chandelier and silver footed free standing bath, this bathroom is the perfect place to feel like a queen in.

2. Make your Bathroom a Dressing Area

Bathrooms can be great places to get ready if you have enough space to work with. Install a vanity unit complete with large mirror and make sure you have bright lighting.

Look how romantic and beautiful this bathroom is. There’s plenty of storage space around the sunken bath and the drapes add a touch of chic and glamour.

3. Create an Oasis of Calm

The word bathroom should conjure up images of relaxation and tranquility, so transform yours in to a haven today.

Check out this calming bathroom design from digsdigs.com. Soft lighting and neutral, naturally toned décor helps to create a spa like feel. Although this is a large room, opting for minimal furniture and a wooden floor gives it a contemporary twist.


If you’re worried that your youngsters will spoil your safe-haven, why not consider converting your loft into a bathroom?

That way, you’d have a separate room, away from the mayhem and chaos of your kids where you can properly relax and forget your troubles.

We’ve been transforming people’s lofts for over 40 years. Just as every individual is unique, we recognise that there’s no such thing as a typical loft conversion – take a look at some of our previous work for inspiration.